SHI Lab @ UO

The name SHI stands for Synergetic & Holistic Intelligence in my initial thoughts. It can also be interpreted as Surpass Human Intelligence as pointed out by one of my mentors: it is indeed a pragmatic goal for many research problems in AI, especially in Computer Vision.

Current Provisional Students:

  • Shravan Kale, CIS, UO, 2019.09 - Present
  • Trevor Bergstrom, CIS, UO, 2019.10 - Present
  • Gong Zhang, CIS, UO, 2019.11 - Present (Co-advise with Prof. Dejing Dou)

PhD Students:

  • Najmul Hassan, CIS, UO, Fall 2020
  • Kai Wang, CIS, UO, Fall 2020
  • Ali Hassani, CIS, UO, Fall 2020

Visiting Students:

Prospective students, learn more ...

IFP Group @ UIUC

I have been mentoring/supervising/supporting some students on projects, research and academic progress at UIUC since I was a PhD student in the IFP Group @ Beckman Institute, including the recruitment and recommendation for some of their next destinations. Later as an official Graduate Faculty Member with UIUC, I have been serving as sole/main advisor for many students. For most of the students, I have jointly supported them with Prof. Thomas S. Huang, Prof. Wen-mei Hwu and Prof. Zhi-Pei Liang.

As Co-Leader At Large for the IFP Group, I have also been serving & connecting the hundreds of distinguished IFP Alumni in large over the past few years.

PhD Students that I advise:

    • Jiachen Li, ECE, UIUC, 2019.08 - Present
    • Mang Tik Chiu, ECE, UIUC, 2018.08 - Present
    • Xingqian Xu, ECE, UIUC, 2018.08 - Present
    • Hanchao Yu, ECE, UIUC, 2016.08 - Present
    • Haichao Yu, ECE, UIUC, 2016.08 - Present

PhD Students that I have supported:

    • Zhonghao Wang, ECE, UIUC, 2018.02 - Present
    • Yang Fu, ECE, UIUC, 2017.08 - Present
    • Bowen Cheng, ECE, UIUC, 2017.08 - Present
    • Yuqian Zhou, ECE, UIUC, 2017.08 - Present
    • Yuchen Fan, ECE, UIUC, 2016.08 - Present
    • Jiahui Yu, ECE, UIUC, 2016.07 - 2020.02 (After: Research Scientist, Google Brain)
    • Kuangxiao Gu, ECE, UIUC, 2014.05 - 2020.07 (After: Researcher, 3M)

MS Students:

    • Haoming Lu, ECE, UIUC, 2018.08 - 2020.05 (After: Scientist, Amazon AWS Shanghai AI Lab)
    • Mang Tik Chiu, CS, UIUC, 2018.08 - 2019.12 (After: PhD Program, ECE, UIUC)
    • Zhonghao Wang, ECE, UIUC, 2018.02 - 2019.05 (After: PhD Program, ECE, UIUC)
    • Siwei Tang, Mechanical Engineering, UIUC, 2018.10 - 2019.05 (After: Researcher, SenseTime)
    • Tianxi Zhao, ECE, UIUC, 2017.04 - 2019.05 (After: Software Engineer at Microsoft)

Visiting Students:

    • Yiqun Mei, Undergrad, CS, UIUC, 2019.10 - Present (After: PhD Program, SmileLab, Northeastern)
    • Zilong Huang, Visiting PhD Student, CS, HUST, 2018.10 - 2019.12 (After: Researcher, Alibaba Damo Academy)
    • Hao Li, Visiting Undergrad Intern, EE, Tsinghua University, 2019.07 - 2019.09 (After: PhD Program, MMLab, CUHK)
    • Zhiqiang Shen, Visiting PhD Student, CS, Fudan University, 2017.08 - 2019.03 (After: Postdoc, CMU)
    • Jiachen Li, Visiting Undergrad Intern, EE, SJTU, 2018.06 - 2018.09 (After: PhD Program, ECE, UIUC)
    • Rui Qian, Visiting Undergrad Intern, CS, PKU, 2018.06 - 2018.09 (After: PhD Program, SE3 Vision Lab, Cornell)
    • Jianbo Jiao, Visiting PhD Student, CS, CityU Hong Kong, 2017.08 - 2018.07 (After: Postdoc, VGG, Oxford)
    • Zhichao Liu, Visiting Undergrad Intern, CS, PKU, 2017.06 - 2017.09 (After: MS Program, CS, UMD)

The Postdoc and Friend:

    • Yunchao Wei, BJTU & NUS, 2017.08 - 2019.09 (After: DECRA Fellow/Assistant Professor, UTS)

IBM Research @ Yorktown Heights | Cambridge

As a researcher, engineer, and team lead, I have been working closely with many great IBMers from both IBM T. J. Watson Research Center at Yorktown Heights, NY, and MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab in Cambridge, MA. Together we have won some prestigious and tough competitions, published fun research in top conferences, and built efficient and useful tools and systems. I also work closely with IBM AI Horizon Networks.

Summer Interns:

    • Yunhui Guo, CS, UCSD, 2018.06 - 2018.09 (with Rogerio Feris, Abhishek Kumar)
    • Yandong Li, CS, UCF, 2018.05 - 2018.08 (with Rogerio Feris)

PhD Thesis Committee