Prospective Students

I am building the SHI Lab @ UO, as part of the UO Presidential Initiative in Data Science. In particular, we will be the first computer vision research group at UO.

I am looking for prospective students, visitors, interns, and post-docs at all-levels, whether you are already in UO, in US, or from abroad.

Besides academic mentorship, I might also be able to provide funding support; I also connect my students to internship and job opportunities at top AI labs and companies.

I am always looking for students equipped with:

    • Strong motivation and persistency for excellence in research
    • Suitable personality, team spirit and leadership
    • Solid background in math and engineering

Please Contact me if you are both interested and qualified.

(Re PhD applicants: I will try best to reply all potential students' inquiries in time, but I might not be able to do so from time to time, due to traveling, deadlines and the large amount of emails I receive. Please do not take it as disapproval of your qualification. If you are confident and eager, you can always go through the official application process and I will check all applications that have passed the first round of departmental screening and mentioned me.)


I was contacted by a number of excellent students with various questions, I am trying to answer some of frequent ones here:

Do you still have openings?

  • Yes.

Why SHI Lab @ UO, comparing to other top ranked programs?

  • SHI Lab aims at supporting its members' success and producing the future generations of the world's technical leaders. The unique resources and connections at SHI Lab will enable our members' rapid growth with momentum and a pathway to potential future career opportunities (collaboration, internships, postdocs, full-time etc.) at top organizations, either in industry or academia.
  • UO provides good computer science education like many of the other top programs in the US. In my experience with other top universities like Tsinghua, UIUC, Cornell, MIT etc., I believe the nutrition here is more than enough to produce highly successful future researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs etc. The sky is not the limit, it is more the passion and dedication of the quester.
  • Bonus: Eugene in Oregon is a beautiful, peaceful and proper-sized city in the Pacific Northwest. It is greener than California, sunnier than its northern neighbors, and close to both if you want to travel there. In general, I feel it is cozier in Eugene here than other places I have stayed in the midwest and the east coast. You will have plenty of things to explore locally in arts, sports, and outdoor activities; you can also stay comfortably focused on research if that is your goal.

How to apply to be part of the SHI Lab?

  • Prospective UO PhD/MS students, please refer to instruction posted here. When applying, please select the related research areas and/or mention my name. I will take a closer look at your applications during the reviewing period.
  • Other opportunities, please send me an email first. For students already in Eugene, you can set appointments with me to meet in the Deschutes Hall.