Humphrey Shi

Associate Professor, Interactive Computing @ Georgia Tech

Grad Faculty:  U of Oregon CS, UIUC ECE

Chief Scientist of Picsart & Founder of Picsart AI Research (PAIR)

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Research Interests:

I work in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and AI Systems & Applications. I am broadly interested in basic research and interdisciplinary collaborations motivated by important applications, with current focuses on Creative, Efficient and Responsible Multimodal AI to Understand, Emulate and Interact with the world we live in

I care about both the basic aspect (fundamental, curiosity, simplicity) and the application aspect (effective, useful/fun, impactful).  I've recently worked on:

Besides my university labs, I am also leading a team of over 100 talented AI scientists, engineers and creatives globally distributed across US, Europe and Asia at Picsart (a largest computer vision platform, top 20 most downloaded app in the world in 2020~2022 with 150 million monthly active users and a 🦄️). We innovate on the forefront of AI research, engineering and product for creative communication to empower the creator in everyone of us. Many of our research, technology and products are being used by millions of people everyday across the globe through the Picsart app, website and APIs, try them if you haven't already :-)

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A note on the SHI Labs:

SHI stands for our core values: Service, Humanity, Innovation. 

We are committed to developing leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition, and we embrace progress and service.

The SHI Labs is situated at CODA, a thriving hub for technology and innovations shared by both industry trailblazers and academic thinkers alike. And CODA sits at the heart of Atlanta, a vibrant city and a verdant forest with a dynamic blend of culture, nature, technology and commerce. We welcome future members, visitors and collaborators.

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